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In Moluccan culture, the passing through of stories is a very essential part of endorsing tradition.

And to share stories you need to meet eachother, whether this is in the town hall, in the house of the oldest family member or in the 'stichting in de wijk.' With the years our environment has changed and there are less physical places that host social 

encouters for the Moluccan community.

What does this mean for the transfer of tradition?

It means we have to create another place

were we can meet!


Anak Maluku (the children of the Moluccan Islands) is an online platform, housing these stories to keep tradition vivid. Post stories, ask for help or discuss new values at  


Made in 2014

Visual Research, Creative directing, Corperate Identity, 

Web Design, Logo/Icon Design, Printed Editorial Desig,

Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop


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